Monday, 29 September 2008

Real Drive - Episode 14

Argh! It's a recap episode.

After such a long wait for more Real Drive, when we finally get it all that is served up to us is a concatenated and regurgitated version of what we've already seen, dog Internet and all. Well, if those bastards can slack off by making a recap episode, let me briefly recap my thoughts on this series so far - Nice animation, Minamo is oddly cute in her own way, the soundtrack is largely excellent, but the storylines haven't lived up to my expectations of what this series could provide generally speaking.

While the second half of this episode isn't actually recap material, the animators instead get to take the week off by knocking together some quick animation of Minamo going for a diving (in the sea, not the Metal) lesson, and filling up the rest of the time with stock video footage of fish and coral reefs. If this were Minamo's homework (as is the premise for the recap) it would come back marked "See me after class". From the brief preview for the next episode, it looks like they don't have a clue what's going on with episode fifteen either...

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