Sunday, 28 September 2008

Allison to Lillia - Episode 21

That's right, it's time for yet more Allison to Lillia, which I currently seem to be well and truly overdosing on - The things I do for you guys and girls...

Anyway, last episode Treize stumbled across some dynamite, and thus hatched a cunning plan - To blow up the palace's kitchen to create a diversion. In Allison to Lillia terms this is actually a pretty good plan, although for some reason Treize seems to think that putting dynamite in the kitchen is okay "because it's made of brick". Ahh yes, brickwork, infamous for being entirely explosion-proof...

Of course, strapping near-man that he is, Treize undertakes this dangerous task for himself. Wait, what am I saying? Of course he doesn't, he leaves Lillia to plant and ignite the dynamite, while he rather conveniently finds that the armed and highly trained guards that have kidnapped everyone in the place have left the front door open. Unfortunately for him, they close it before he can get inside, causing him (with Lillia now tagging along) to have to break in via his own bedroom instead. From here, he radios for help, but can only get the phrase "Royal family's winter palace" and "armed" out before the transmission is cut, baffling the recipient. What an earth could "armed" mean? Hmm, it can't be anything bad, back to the tea and custard creams!

Meanwhile, Fiona finally realises who the woman holding her hostage is, at which point possibly the best line ever in anime is revealed. I'm not sure if it's a translation error, but Claire (the leader of the gang) recalls how she was there on that fateful day when her father Owen was "cornered to death" by Fiona and company. Cornered to death? Is that what it said on the death certificate? It's so beautifully appropriate, yet so completely hilarious... Anyhow, in return for this revelation, Fiona tells the whole story about how she isn't Princess Francesca, and so the kidnappers change their plan to take Fiona away so that they can reveal this secret and cause chaos within the royal family.

The episode ends with Treize getting shot, although both the animation and audio clearly show that somehow the bullet hits his own gun which he's carrying rather than anywhere on this person. Is such a thing even possible? Come now, this is Allison to Lillia we're talking about. Stay tuned for yet more improbably and implausible action very soon!

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