Monday, 15 September 2008

Chocolate Underground - Episode 8

Chocolate Underground gives us yet another bite of the sweet stuff with episode eight of the series - Always enough to get a taste, never enough to really start enjoying it.

After being outed to the Chocolate Police by a classmate, the police raid the bookstore where the whole Chocolate Underground 'organisation' is run from, but surprisingly find nothing thanks to the cunning design of the store, complete with dual-layer basement. Those cunning shop builders think of everything!

As per usual for an episode of this show, that's all they have time for once they squeeze in the end credits that always manage to entirely spoil the next episode. Cue yet another entry where I bemoan this series short running time per episode, which entirely ruins any flow to what could otherwise be a good story. Short episodes work for Chi's Sweet Home due to its very nature, they don't work for something that tries to build a story such as this. Apparently the show is going to get a theatrical release in early 2009, but I really don't see that working any better given the weird pacing of almost every individual episode.

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