Sunday, 14 September 2008

Allison to Lillia - Episode 16

Ahh, it's been a while Allison to Lillia, and how I've missed you so - Your ridiculous plots, your stupid characters. But here you are once again, just begging to be mocked and jibed in the best possible taste, and in the name of making anime better.

Anyway, last episode Lillia and Treize made it to the docks, leaving a couple of people abandoned and without transport in the process, so we can only assume that those individuals have now perished so that our main duo can enjoy a charity seaplane ride with a bunch of orphaned children.

But, as they board the plane, Lillia and Treize are being watched from the shadows... Thankfully, it turns out that these shady looking types are actually subordinates of Wil... err, sorry, Travas, and they soon communicate the situation to Major Travas who appears to be shacked up with a whole bunch of his work colleagues in a camoflaged school bus. No, I don't know why either, maybe Wil forgot about saving his daughter and decided to go on a work team-building exercise instead. Anyway, with this new information in tow, Travas sends out Allison to find the seaplane before undiscussed bad things happen. "But where is the plane? It's a big lake", asks Allison. Of course, Wil is renowned for having his finger on the pulse and all available information at his fingertips, and so he immediately helps her out by telling her that he doesn't have the foggiest. Good old Wil, always a man you can count on.

So, after enjoying their seaplane ride for a while, Treize soon realises that something is up, as they should have reached their destination by now (they must be flying XL Airways) but are still over the sea. He and Lillia go to check with the pilot (because of course, the pilot will be on-hand to fully brief them on the evil plot underway), but find the entire crew on their way out of the door, parachuting to safety. Why are they doing this? I can only imagine that being bit-parts in an episode of Allison to Lillia was too much to bear, and so they decided to take their leave before anything really ridiculous happened.

With the crew gone, it's left to Treize to pilot the plane, but as soon as he starts to turn it towards its expected destination the plane is fired at by a number of other planes that have been following them. Of course, the orphans on board love all this commotion and watching the plane they're on being shot at, because they're morons. Trezie is told not to change the plane's course or it'll be shot down, and that as long as he does what he's told... err, the plane will be shot down.

Yes, it appears that this week's evil plan somehow involves killing orphans and shooting down a plane for profit - A plan that makes about as much sense as me going out tomorrow and investing my money in horse-drawn carriages as the next big thing. I know Allison to Lillia hasn't exactly been big on coherent storylines, but even by its own low expectations this seems particularly nonsensical. Hopefully all will be revealed next episode, when hopefully Wil might pull his finger out and stop being the worst secret agent ever, and we can also look forward to Treize defeating a bunch of light, fast and agile fighter aircraft by ramming them with a seaplane. Umm.... good luck with that.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed...I'm glad AnimeYoshi have got their staffing problems resolved so I can get back to enjoying my weekly dose of plot-holed mediocrity! I personally can't wait to see how a flying boat can bring down four smaller planes that are armed to the teeth...I recall an old story about a Hurricane that downed a German bomber over London in the 1940s by ramming it and slicing through it after running out of bullets but come on...unless this is the best plan they can come up with I really wouldn't recommend it.

I guess I'm now just watching this for the nice music and cool aeroplanes ('nice [flying] boat' LOL) since it seems to be set on a steady level of lazy plotting and clumsy direction. Appreciating the wit of your posts as always though.

Great new banner by the way - Hidamari Sketch FTW!