Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu - Episode 11

We're already at the penultimate instalment of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, so of course it's time to ramp things up for the probable "Awww, love is great" ending which must surely be the only proper way to bring this series to the close.

This final story arc surrounds Haruka's birthday, with Yuuto soon hitting on a present idea after talking about anime with Haruka, although it seems that doing so has become a big hush-hush thing again - Last week the pair's school held a cosplay cafe, but it appears that this week they all hate anime and anyone who likes it again. I know, it makes no sense to me either.

Anyway, Haruka's Dad being who he is, he's gone and bought an equatorial entire island to use as the location for her birthday party (whatever happened to using McDonalds?), bringing us to plot hole number two - We're told he bought an uninhabited island on a whim, yet it has an airport and huge palacial building? Get this guy to build the 2012 London Olympic village, quick!

Naturally, this grand location and a rather odious guest who has designs of his own for Haruka all gives Yuuto a bit of an inferiority complex regarding his choice of present, which really makes it blindingly obvious which way this whole storyline is leading into the final episode. Speaking of the obvious, we also get a predictable Haruka almost drowning and subsequent Yuuto/Haruka CPR moment, and plenty of swimsuit fan service from every quarter as you might expect.

For all its faults this was a relatively fun episode to watch, with Haruka seemingly acting cuter by the week, and Yuuto continuing to be a genuinely nice guy who end up honestly rooting for to get his girl - What a contrast to Itazura na Kiss this series is in this particular regard. Once again, no new moulds have been broken as the series has followed the status quo from beginning to end, but it's remained watchable throughout to keep itself ticking along as a rather sweet little show.

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