Friday, 10 October 2008

Chi's Sweet Home - Episodes 89-104 (Completed)

Chi's Sweet Home is finally over, and I really can't help but feel sad to see the end of such a wonderful and beautifully realised series.

This final batch of episodes proves that it's hard to catch a cat on camera, sees Chi come face to face with a girl as energetic as she is, and finally sees Chi land herself in all sorts of trouble with the black "bear" cat to close out the series. It says a lot about how much emotion I've invested in Chi and her adventures that I actually shed a tear to see her unhappy in what were some really poignant moments considering it's 'just' a playful kitten we're talking about here.

I really can't state enough how perfect Chi's Sweet Home is for any cat lover, as it captures the essence of the average feline so perfectly that it becomes incredibly easy to relate Chi's behaviour to that of cats you own or have known yourself. I'm really going to miss my occasional dose of Chi and all the fun and cuteness it brought me, but given the non-committal ending to this series there's certainly plenty of room for more episodes - Chi's Sweet Home could simply run and run, and I for one hope it does. Could a series of three-minute episodes really be one of the best anime shows of 2008? You bet your life it could.


Anonymous said...

I've always felt the original manga by Konami Kanata is better than anime which made it too kawaii

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!!!