Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Ga-Rei -Zero- - Episode 4

It's almost ironic that the relatively sedate pace of Ga-Rei -Zero-'s third episode proved to be rather shocking, after the action-packed, character killing bloodbath that was the first two instalments. If you're looking for a return to that hour of insanity however, you'll probably be disappointed in episode four.

We pretty much continue where we left off last time here, with the episode as a whole once again focusing on Kagura and Yomi's relationship, with some little asides surrounding Kagura's father thrown in for good measure. This episode also tries to inject a hefty dose of humour into proceedings, with varying results - A crazy, almost naked anti-evil weapon manufacturer wandering around really didn't work for me, but then again some of his creations did raise a smile... In this educated time we shouldn't laugh at the anti-evil iron for women I'm sure, but the anti-evil boiler? Considering my own boiler here seems to be playing up a little today, perhaps I should invest in one myself...

Anyway, I have to confess that it's almost hard to come to terms with this series change of pace after those frenetic first two episodes, but I say "almost" because I still really am enjoying this series - The animation remains largely gorgeous (aforementioned almost naked guy aside), and both Kagura and Yomi are eminently watchable no matter what angle you look at them from... I'm talking in personality terms, you perverts! Add to that some pretty cool supporting characters, and occasional action sequences that manage to remain quite stylish even though they're nothing new particularly, spice it up with a dash of not knowing what this series will throw at us next, and it remains a definite winner in my book.

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