Sunday, 19 October 2008

Kannagi - Episode 3

After a thoroughly enjoyable first couple of episodes of Kannagi, I was wondering whether this series would be able to keep up those high standards as the show progressed. However, episode three seems to have given me no cause for concern along those lines, as it somehow turns out to be even better than the instalments which preceded it.

For starters, we get to see Jin at school for the first time, and thus meet up with his fellow art club members - A typically diverse group that already managed to bring plenty of humour to the table, from Daitetsu the gentle giant who almost explodes at the sigh of cute cats through to the otaku-esque Akiba. These may be slightly cliched character traits, but if it works then you can't knock it, and in this episode both of those characters have their moments.

The main focus of the actual story this time revolves around the art club having to clear out their store room, a place rumoured to be the residence of a ghost. Jin think that he sees an impurity there during their first visit to the room, but despite choosing not to tell Nagi about it she finds out anyway, and thus turns up at the school, leaving Jin with a lot of explaining to do.

In a sense, the plot is almost entirely incidental to a series such as this, which is really all about the interactions between the various characters, where of course Nagi gets to take centre stage, stealing every scene in which she's a part. We also see a very definite love rivalry developing as far as Tsugumi is concerned, which also brings about a few amusing moments.

So, once again I'm left with nothing but positive impressions of Kannagi - It's a simple pleasure, but it's great fun to watch and that's all there is too it. It's undemanding, and it managed to get a fair few laughs out of me... What more could I ask for?

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