Thursday, 30 October 2008

Allison to Lillia - Episode 25

It's been a while since we all last "enjoyed" an episode of Allison to Lillia, even if it is with a heavy heart that I have to remember that this is the series penultimate episode. It goes by the title "The culprit laughs secretly", although I suspect he isn't the only one having a good giggle.

So, last time around Major Travas and his team found their train halted, as they were surrounded by armed men. Said bunch of wannabe Great Train Robbers seem to think that there's gold on board (a good haul with the credit crunch and all that), so demand that Travas and company give up their weapons and surrender. "What a tired old phrase for a villain to use" comments one of Travas' colleagues - I can only assume he's new to the world of Allison to Lillia...

Of course, Travas isn't going to give up that easily, so he hatches a cunning plan - To drive away in the train, which nobody else seemed to have thought of. Having said that, after cutting away to some nonsense between Lillia and Treize (with the latter worrying about the thought of Travas marrying Allison, probably because then Lillia's father who isn't would be again, which would cause people's heads to explode), we return to find that the armed men on foot are chasing after the train which is travelling at full speed and managing to keep up. Let me just say that again - Men on foot are keeping up with a steam train running at full speed. I was beginning to suspect that this episode was a tie-in with an episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles or something, but apparantly not. Anyway, those men on foot finally seem to fall away, leaving just a jeep keeping up with the train, but thankfully one of Travas' subordinates manages to blow out its tyre to stop them from following. Rather than simply stop the jeep, the occupants decide to throw themselves to their deaths (I assume, as jumping out of an incredibly fast moving car can only ever be classed as suicidal), before Travas books his berth as "Most Implausible Stunt of the Week" by jumping from the fast moving train into the fast moving jeep which has somehow not slowed down at all or deviated from its course, despite only having three inflated tyres.

So, the train is stopped, the runaway jeep is stopped, and there's even time for Travas to tell Axe that he killed her father (because there's never a bad time to tell your closest work colleague you killed their Dad) before one last baddie is despatched and the danger is over. But something isn't right - This whole plan has actually been organised to... allow someone to play the accordian on a train! Oh wait, no, that's not it... who is the real target of all this devious plotting? Surely not the important member of the royal family that Travas carelessly and needlessly left on the second train? Oh, it is. Oops. Do the Boy Scouts have an "Epic fail" badge yet? I want to nominate Wil for one.

So, with Treize now in the grasp of these criminals, of course they're going to kidnap him immediately and do whatever they need to with him? Err no, they're going to kidnap Lillia instead (using a cunning ploy of luring her away from Travas with the promise of a ripped dress that needs sewing), because... Oh for goodness sake how am I supposed to know, I don't write this nonsense?! Sadly, it seems that unlike our generic baddies from earlier, Travas and Allison aren't capable of keeping up with a train on foot, as the detached section of the train holding Lillia speeds away.

So, tune in for the final episode where Travas turns up entirely too late to save his daughter again, and the laws of physics are broken in yet more ingenious ways! Go on, you know you want to...

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Kadian1364 said...

I sincerely hope they've saved the best/worst for last. I think a three-way airplane v. train v. tank shenanigans and random montages of ancillary characters in new but unimportant footage would just about wrap things up nicely.

Oh god, here's to hoping for a second season!