Saturday, 4 October 2008

Allison to Lillia - Episode 22

Hurrah! At last the kidnapping story arc (which has at least been less ridiculous than much of the other fare this series has fed us) of Allison to Lillia is over, and without another mention of dynamite-proof brick kitchens in sight. This progression must also be taking us towards some kind of final story arc to close off this Travas-ty (Ha! You see what I did there?) of a plot-hole riddled series.

So, last episode we saw Treize getting shot, although from the sound effects used it was quite clear that the bullet had hit the rifle he was carrying by some kind of miracle - Indeed, hitting guns with bullets seems to be something of a theme of this episode. Despite this, Treize is still knocked unconscious (undoubtedly the best way to enjoy this series) and Lillia meets a similar fate after her anguished cries are heard by one of the kidnappers. Perhaps luckily for her, the medallion Treize gave her confuses the kidnappers into thinking that she is Mereille, one of the daughters of the royal family - It seems that despite all their meticulous preparation, they still don't know what half of the royal family looks like.

As Fiona and Benedict are led away through the snow, Wil/Travas and his band of merry men finally actually get to do something for once, rescuing the couple and taking them back to the palace. However, they soon receive word that the remaining kidnappers have a hostage (one of whom asserts that Lillia "fainted", which is an extremely polite way of saying "yes, I kicked a teenage girl in the groin" I suppose), whom they want to swap for Fiona. Of course, this only allows for another cunning plan to be launched, involving Treize skiing at people wielding machine guns (don't try this at home kids) and Travas shooting at the kidnappers, but aiming for (and hitting) their guns rather than their person - Makes you wonder why you never see this kind of plan put into place in a real hostage situation? Oh, that's right, because it's nonsensical... Sorry, I forgot.

Anyway, Lillia gets saved but is still far too dim to figure out Treize's royal origins despite having the medallion explained to her - Just how thick is she? To rub it in (or be nice), the leader of the kidnappers Claire also gets taken on a trip to see the "treasure" she sought, which turns out to be... a valley. At this point she bursts into tears as she realises what a complete waste of time the last few episodes have been. Hear hear Claire, we all share your pain on that particular point...

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