Friday, 24 October 2008

Toradora! - Episode 4

Subjective as I try to remain in this 'Blog, I really can't escape the inevitable any longer - I truly have fallen in love with Toradora! as a series.

If I had any doubts along those lines, then episode four has erased them on several counts. For starters, it was absolutely hilarious, from Taiga's collection of blurry photographs of Kitamura through to Kushieda's pudding in a bucket, and with plenty of great lines and conversations in-between that had me laughing out loud time after time. If that wasn't enough to win me over, Taiga proved to be largely adorable throughout this episode despite those inevitable outbursts of anger and violence, while all of the other main characters also lived up to expectations to complete a thoroughly entertaining episode.

Beyond my immense enjoyment of this particular instalment, there really isn't a lot else I can say - Toradora! is one of those series that you have to watch to appreciate, and no amount of my waxing lyrical about it will change that. So, all I can say is that if this is your kind of anime show, and you haven't checked it out yet, then be sure to give it a go - Quite simply, it works, right the way from the opening titles and theme tune onwards.

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