Sunday, 26 October 2008

Kannagi - Episode 4

The last episode of Kannagi introduced us briefly to Nagi's sister Zange, and in this latest instalment she well and truly takes centre stage as what will doubtless be the main storyline of the series begins to take shape.

In short, the city of Kannagi ended up with two sacred trees as points of worship, as the town is split by a river, and the human embodiment of those two trees is (of course) Nagi and Zange. Despite their first impressions, the good/evil split of this pair of sisters isn't what you might expect - Despite Zange's nuns outfit and wandering around taking confessions from people on the street, it appears that she has in fact taken over a human body as a vessel, which is much frowned upon by her sister.

That aside, the whole "idol" concept highlighted in the show's opening credits is built up here - Both sisters need the love of the people to continue to thrive and survive as gods, hence Zange's work as a "nun" which has made her quite the local celebrity, putting her a step ahead of Nagi who only (arguably) has Jin on her side.

Compared to the more humour-oriented previous episodes, the work on building up the show's main plot moved it into (slightly) more serious territory here, setting up Nagi and Zange on their respective sides of the fence that separates good and evil. This need to concentrate on the plot perhaps lessened the fun factor of the episode, but thanks to its bunch of good characters it wasn't too much a blow, allowing Kannagito remain eminently watchable.

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