Saturday, 4 October 2008

Chocolate Underground - Episode 11

It's pacing may have been pretty odd for much of this series, but at last Chocolate Underground gets what can genuinely be called a pretty good episode, and an action-packed one to boot.

For once, the goings-on in the episode have been fitted perfectly into its short running time, as a day of celebration of the Good For You party's President gets hijacked by rebelling children, while the chocolate concentration camp (a slightly over-the-top reference to fascist regimes perhaps) gets compromised as part of this plan to rescue Smudger.

It's pretty obvious where the series will be going from here, but after taking rather a while to reach this point of revolution, it looks like there will be plenty to squeeze into the last couple of episodes, which makes me worry that the pacing of those instalments will go to Hell in a hand basket once again.

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