Saturday, 25 October 2008

Kemeko DX - Episode 3 (Dropped)

After fully expecting to drop Kemeko DX after its second episode, I pretty much surprised myself by giving it a reprieve to at least see how episode three shaped up, and whether it could continue that slight improvement that I could see in the second instalment.

However, the word "Dropped" next to the title to this entry should tell you that any such improvement was short lived, as this third episode went back to everything I disliked about the opener - Randomness for the sake of randomness, with nothing that I could really call humour, and characters that generally rather got on my nerves. Kemeko is rather too over-the-top for my tastes, while Sanpeita as a character is virtually non-existant, and many of the other main supporting characters don't do a lot for me either.

The attempts at plot progression on show here weren't particularly impressive either, it all felt very old hat and cliche with its talk of dormant secret powers from many years ago and so on, leaving me cold as far as actually caring what Mishima Electronics (who I noticed in one shot are responsible for making Kemeko's suit by the way) are up to.

In short then, I guess I have to somewhat salute this series for trying, and actually putting out a reasonable second episode, but as per Kyouran Kazoku Nikki earlier this year it simply tries too hard to be crazy and zany sometimes, and that forced feeling ends up leaving us with a dull and irritating series.

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