Thursday, 30 October 2008

Toradora! - Episode 5

The last episode of Toradora! basically sealed my adoration for this incredibly fun and funny series, so expecting too much in the way of criticism of this show from here on in is most likely futile unless they really manage to screw it up somehow.

Having said that, episode five does threaten to imbalance this series' perfect weighting so far thanks to the introduction of Ami Kawashima, a part-time model and childhood friend of Kitamura's who could politely be said to have a split personality, and more realistically be called a complete bitch. Ami's character is set up straight away to give us due prior warning, but of course all Hell threatens to break loose when she joins the same school (and indeed class) as Taiga and company. Before you know it Taiga is upset, Ryuuji is even more misunderstood than ever, and yet somehow Ami is the focus of all the positive attention.

Despite all this the bad news, this episode of Toradora! manages to remain cute and funny in equal measure (although admittedly not up to the genius of the last instalment), and you could almost argue that we get to see Taiga at her best thanks to the introduction of Ami. Minori doesn't disappear without a trace either, grabbing some decidedly amusing moments of her own.

So, while I'm hoping that Ami's character shapes up into something decidedly less manipulative and evil, her introduction does at least bring something new in to keep the plot fresh, and even my intense personal dislike for the newcomer from the off doesn't really deflect from the fact that Toradora! remains a hugely entertaining show to watch this season.

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