Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Yakushiji Ryoko No Kaiki Jikenbo - Episode 12

By the end of the last episode of Ryoko's Supernatural Case File, we got to find out exactly what her rival Ruriko was planning - In short, killing Ryoko to replace her with the artificial clone Monami, allowing her to take control of JACES in the process.

For a while, it looks as though Monami is going to shoot Ryoko almost right off the bat, but as this doesn't happen NPP forces look to use an "anti-terror exercise" as an excuse to isolate and invade JACES, with the express intent of taking Ryoko to boot. Of course, Ryoko is having none of it, despite Izumida being laid out injured from an earlier explosion, and so she goes out to wage a one woman war on Ruriko's forces.

It has to be said that Ryoko must be the only woman in the world who'd go out to battle with high heels, lipstick and immaculately painted nails, but this is exactly what she does, and even with those heels she someone manages to avoid being shot by tank rounds and missiles from helicopters - Well, I suppose realism never was one of this series' strong points. It's all an enjoyable enough yarn I suppose from what continues to be the best story arc of this series, although the "one woman against an army" aspect to the story has stretched my temptation to ignore the implausibility of the situation a little far.

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