Saturday, 4 October 2008

Chocolate Underground - Episode 12

With Huntly, Smudger and company's rebellion in full swing, they take the opportunity to dish out chocolate aplenty wherever they can, but they've reckoned without some kind of super-CACAO robot intent on stopping their plot.

Thankfully for them, said robot has the worst AI in the history of mankind (it must be programmed by the people who brought us Microsoft Bob), and thus throwing bits of chocolate at it manages to cause it to basically beat itself into a pulp. Good job. Meanwhile, the normal citizens begin to realise that they too should be taking a stand against the current government, while the escapees from the concentration camp announce that the Good For You party is in fact a corrupt government, who have banned chocolate and the like as part of an under-the-table deal rather than for anyone's good. In other words, they're pretty much just a typical government.

In a week where the US administration has thrown $700 billion at ailing financial institutions, the question of doing things for the good of the people against lining your own pockets and those of the companies that lobby you has probably never been more keenly felt, so look through the use of chocolate as a symbolic tool of oppression and freedom and this really does raise some important questions about the world of politics - It's a shame it hasn't been the best of rides for Chocolate Underground to make these points, but better late than never I suppose.

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