Sunday, 5 October 2008

Nabari no Ou - Episode 24

Now that we're on the brink of the end of this series, Nabari no Ou is finally moving on apace, putting its foot to the floor in these last few episodes... If only it had done it sooner.

Anyway, with chaos all around him and Hattori pushing all of the blame onto him, Miharu finally loses his grip on everything and thus the Shinrabanshou is finally revealed, causing all sorts of destruction as well as some pretty but unnecessary images of the universe and DNA that didn't really fit in anywhere. Meanwhile, Thobari finally arrives on the scene, where he reveals his Engetsurin technique, which brings back everybody in the vicinities long lost memories. This allows Miharu to see how and why he ended up with the Shinrabanshou, as well as realising just how much Thobari has been hiding from him, which he isn't best pleased about. This technique also helps Hattori remember that there's a 50p piece down the back of the sofa at home, and that he needs to pay his credit card bill by next Saturday. Oh, and less importantly how to transfer the Shinrabanshou into his own body.

That train of thought is stopped pretty quickly, as in typical bad guy fashion he gets caught monologing, which allows Yoite the time to use his Kira to kill him. Oops. This flings Yoite into despair, leaving us hanging with a number of now mentally unbalanced characters for various reasons, so heaven only knows where things will go from here.

Considering its ability to mix up good and bad in such an intriguing way for much of the series, Nabari no Ou finally fell into the "typical bad guy" trap over these past couple of episodes, as Hattori turned from a guy who wanted to make the world better in his own way to a power-hungry, crazed man with a maniacal laugh and that aforementioned propensity to monologue when he should just be getting on with his evil schemes. Regardless, his death at this juncture is a pretty big surprise that really throws these last couple of episodes open... Anything could happen, so place your bets. At least there's little chance of any slow build-up episodes at this point in the series, which can only work in its favour.

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