Thursday, 23 October 2008

Ga-Rei -Zero- - Episode 3

After two episodes of blood, guts and death aplenty, I suppose it was inevitable that Ga-Rei -Zero- wouldn't be able to keep up that kind of pace indefinitely, and thus episode three of the series takes on a far, fare more sedate pace.

The principle of this episode is simple - After seeing Kagura and Yomi clashing, and the former fighting for her life, last time around, this episode is a beginning to end flashback explaining the relationship the two have, and how they came to become "sisters". No doubt this is going to be some kind of precursor to see how Yomi has fallen from these close bonds to her current state, whatever that may be.

The non-stop action may have been missing from this episode, but this series continues to be incredibly visually appealing, with some great animation and pretty decent character designs to boot. While it's a bit difficult to adjust to this huge change in pace after such a rip-roaring start, hopefully the picture built up by this episode will come in handy as the series progresses - After all, they can't kill off a whole bundle of characters every week, can they? Perhaps the most exciting thing about this series is that once again I can't really figure out where the next episode will take us, or what it'll show us, which is very refreshing after having watched so many utterly predictable series that fell into the same old rut in recent months. While this episode has all but confirmed Kagura's survival despite what we saw in episode two, I wouldn't want to place any bets regarding episode four's contents - All I know is that I can't wait to find out, which cements Ga-Rei -Zero- as one of this season's best from what I've seen so far in my mind.

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best are michiko to hatchin to casshern.