Sunday, 9 February 2014

Wizard Barristers - Episode 5

This week on Wizard Barristers - "When bowling goes bad"... in a rather delicious slice of irony for those at Butterfly Law Offices, it's an individual from the rival Shark Knight office that needs defending in light of accusations of murder after a vengeful prank by one of their number appears to have culminated in the murder of a bowling alley manager.

It's to Cecil that the group looks to defend their colleague, Shibuki Kujira, from this allegation, and Cecil finds herself paired with the elderly Kamakiri for the duration of this particular case.  While Kujira admits that he did indeed use magic to get his revenge on the manager in question after being made a fool of at the bowling alley, he insists that his actions were nothing more than a prank, and certainly didn't extend towards stabbing the man to death.  But can Cecil find the evidence to back this up?

It's a big ask, and one that doesn't seem to be helped by Kamakiri, who proves to be more hindrance than help thanks to his ponderous and easily distracted nature.  With Kujira's indictment approaching and then passing by, Cecil still has no evidence that could be used to clear him, and all hope seems to be lost - with time running out however, our old-timer finally comes good, revealing the evidence that suggests that one of the alley manager's work colleagues was the real culprit.  To prove it, the use of Kamakiri's magic is required, but even the illegality of this is something that he can cover in his own inimitable style.

Yet again, here was an episode of Wizard Barristers that felt like it needed far more time to breath.  Cecil's investigation was little more than a brief montage used more to showcase her hardships working with Kamakiri than anything else, while the real reasoning behind the manager's murder was glossed over in the extreme.  I really that this was probably the point, in service to focusing more on Cecil's character and interactions with Kamakiri, but as these moments weren't all that interesting it left the episode devote of anything particularly noteworthy.  With no real action or the like to speak of either, and only a quick throwaway reminder that there are more important matters closing in around Cecil, there simply wasn't a whole lot to enjoy in this episode.

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