Thursday, 27 February 2014

Golden Time - Episode 20

Thanks to his discussion with Linda regarding her feelings for Mitsuo, it seems that Banri has landed himself in the doghouse with Chinami for reasons that he can't quite fathom.

Still, at least all is still going well between him and Koko, even if Tada continues to be unsure of what to do about giving her his mother's ring, and of course even when he does manage to be decisive in that regard it just so happens to be the one opportunity where he's forgotten to bring it with him.  Things are certainly going better here than they are for Mitsuo however, as his efforts at the festival club still fall flat in terms of any hope of getting some kind of audience with Linda.

There isn't much time for talk of leisure of any kind however for our main couple, as another festival wings their way to demand their full attentions.  On the big day and the commencement of the event itself however, Banri finds himself assuaged by moments of sheer terror as his own memories are replaced by those immediately before his accident, leaving him confused and frightened until, slowly, his current memories return.

This week's Golden Time didn't delve instantly into some of the territory I thought it would, but it still had some enjoyable fare to offer up - having Chinami simply avoid Banri or talking about him feels a whole lot more realistic than delving into instant resolutions for their particular conflict, and Banri's confusion as to what giving Koko a ring might mean to her served as a fun and entirely believable show of his naivete.  I'm not too sure what to make of the end of this episode and Banri's memory crisis, but if it's handled well then it could make for some interesting stuff moving forward when mixed in with what is going on elsewhere, so overall even an episode such as this which was relatively quiet until its final goings-on was still enjoyable.

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