Saturday, 22 February 2014

Nisekoi - Episode 7

There's a new transfer student in class, and one that has gotten jaws wagging - certainly, the female body of students can't help but show more than a passing interest in the introduction of the decidedly dish Seishirou Tsumugi.

What's more, it seems that Tsumugi has a long history with Kirisaki, explaining that they were childhood friends who haven't seen one another in quite a while.  Certainly, Tsumugi is beyond doting towards Chitoge, and shows more than a passing interesting in her relationship with Raku - indeed, while Tsumugi's public words are laced with praise for him in private things couldn't be more different.

With Ichijou trying his best to stay "in character" as Kirisaki's boyfriend, he inadvertently riles Tsumugi further and further as the latter espouses a desire to protect Chitoge no matter what, and the next thing we know the two have agreed to a dual over who gets to keep watch over our favourite blonde tsundere.  If this sounds like the gentlemanly thing to do then think again, as Raku brings absolutely nothing to a gunfight as Tsumugi uses her real role as an expert hit-man to unleash an arsenal of weaponry against Raku.  What our protagonist lakes in brawn he makes up for with brain however, and after luring Tsumugi into an unexpected dip in the school swimming pool we learn why this dual wasn't the least bit gentlemanly - that being because Seishirou isn't actually a gentleman at all.

Another progression in Nisekoi's plot brings with it another slew of anime cliches - yet it remains way more fun to watch than it has any right to be.  For every moment I find myself rolling my eyes at a scene, there are two or three where I laugh, giggle or grin like an idiot at things as they unfold, helped along by SHAFT's colourful and occasionally outright bizarre presentation.  It continues to win no points for originality, but sometimes originality isn't what you need to have fun.

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