Thursday, 6 February 2014

Golden Time - Episode 17

Everything is just peachy again for Banri and Koko after their issues in last week's episode... the trouble is, nobody else seems to have cottoned on to that fact.

More specifically, their fellow club members are still laboring under the misgiving that the pair have broken up, and thus both Banri and Koko are treated decidedly oddly by their relieved yet creepily supportive clubmates until they managed to straighten things out.  Then again, these two aren't the only ones to suffer from the conclusions the group have jumped to, but this is soon forgotten when Linda puts in appearance, proving that things are even more relaxed here as Banri gets to talk and joke about his forgotten past with her in front of Koko without issue.

With the summer still stretching out in front of them and Banri making plans to visit home, Linda springs upon him the prospect of attending a high school reunion - something which he's unsure of, unlike Kaga who happily signs him up for it confident that he can handle it.  Although Banri's past as it relates to Linda and Koko might be comfortably resolved, it seems that there's still room for it to become an issue as it relates to Mitsuo, as he hangs around Linda and becomes decidedly inquisitive as to both her hometown and Banri's past.

Following a dull and slightly forced first half to this week's episode, the second segment of this latest episode did a reasonable job of shaking things up again, bringing Mitsuo back into the tangled web of relationships as we gain a little more insight into his association with Linda, which in turn is clearly still an issue to some degree for Oka.  I'm decidedly interest to see how all of this pans out, especially coupled with both Linda and Banri returning home at the same time, which seems like a chain of events which could see more dramatic sparks flying as a result.

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