Saturday, 8 February 2014

Sakura Trick - Episode 5

Falling asleep at her desk isn't exactly new territory for Yuu - what is unusual however is her awakening to find that Haruka has left without her.

Unbeknownst to Yuu, it seems that Haruka has some business with her sister, taking her (amongst others) to a nearby coffee shop - not the smartest idea it seems, as the place is teeming with students who have all had a similar idea.  The reason for this visit is simple enough - Yuu had discussed a wish to do something with her sister at what would be Mitsuki's last culture festival, and their class' school play seems like a perfect opportunity to rope her in.  Mitsuki, however, seems a little reticent to the idea, and between Yuu's arrival at the shop and Haruka's mind wandering elsewhere the opportunity to ask her outright soon passes.

Thankfully, this isn't the end of the matter, as Mitsuki's continued attempt to keep an eye on what Yuu and Haruka are up to leads to her being spotted as the group argues over who should play what role, and ultimately Mitsuki is talked into agreeing to take part in the production herself.  But who should she play?  Mitsuki doesn't much fancy the idea of playing Snow White herself... at least, until the prospect of kissing a "prince" who might just end up being Haruka enters the equation.

As per my thoughts on last week's episode, now that Sakura Trick has lost some its sense of uniqueness now that we're a few episodes into the series, it's become a light-hearted, mildly amusing and somewhat charming little series that doesn't seem to have anywhere much left to run but remains just about entertaining enough to get by nonetheless.  Given its subject matter, that's pretty much fine for a series of this nature too, provided it can continue to keep the laughs coming on something approaching a regular basis.

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