Thursday, 27 February 2014

Nagi no Asukara - Episode 21

The last of Shioshishio's group of friends has now awoken from her slumber - so now what for all of those concerned?

Compared to the feelings of confusion, ennui and the like felt by the others who awoke from their five year sleep, Manaka really doesn't seem fazed by how things have changed at all - far from it in fact, she revels in every little difference she encounters, even if most of them are "snow" or "more snow".  Of course, the same can't be said for others who are facing up to Manaka's return - Miuna continues to be torn but copes with the situation gracefully, whereas Chisaki seems to be struggling massively with how to respond to the return of not just a friend, but perhaps more pressingly also a love rival.

Despite those initial impressions, it still seems as if something if bugging Manaka, as we later see her spaced out and in a world of her own.  Besides which, are her memories of the Ofunehiki and the time directly surrounding it really as hazy as she makes out, or is she simply avoiding any difficult issues?  Such questions may need to be put on hold, as Tsumugu's continuing research and his plan to start drawing up his ultimate findings seemingly makes him the target of Uroko's rather unique idea of how to curse someone.

As has been the case quite often with this series of late, there's a lot to be enjoyed from the subtlety of Nagi no Asukara's story-telling - now that we know all of the intricacies of this tangled web of relationships, we can understand a lot simply from body language or what a given character doesn't say, without them needing to verbalise their every thought or feeling.  This turns to intrigue when we take a look at Manaka, whose straightforward nature belies her own worries and issues that she has to get to grips with, and coupled with some further turns into the wider story of what is going on in this world there's once again plenty for us to get our teeth into over the coming weeks.

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