Sunday, 9 February 2014

Space☆Dandy - Episode 6

A planet called Eden might not sound like the place to find rare aliens, but QT is convinced it's the perfect place to do a little alien hunting.  Never mind those vast geysers.  Or the war that's been raging for 10,000 years.  Or the no-fly zones.

Ultimately, QT's bout of forgetfulness leaves the Aloha Oe crashing to the planet's surface and in rather a mess, and while QT is tasked with repairing the craft Dandy and Meow go exploring, only to find themselves caught up in the most bizarre of wars - a conflict predicated entirely on preferences in undergarments.

While Dandy finds himself captive of the last remaining wearer of underpants, Meow is fortuitously left with the only surviving vest-wearer on the planet - they may both be the last of their kind, and they may not even know why the war started in the first place, but neither party is willing to surrender and they both have a spot of Mutually Assured Destruction waiting in the wings were they to be defeated.  Managing to appeal to their better natures however, it seems as if peace is only a ceremony away... unfortunately, that ceremony involves the swapping of each faction's most prized possession, which was never likely to end well.

After a couple of truly memorable episodes, it was going to be touch for this week's Space Dandy  to live up to those heights, and so it proved - this week's instalment was entertaining enough, but pretty predictable and by the numbers in nature; the whole "pants versus vests" plot point can only take yiou so far.  Thankfully, the show still has some wonderful, colourful animation to back it up when its story is falling flat or its humour isn't igniting the flames of comedy, so even on a bit of an off day Space Dandy is a visual feast worthy of your time, but this is certainly one of its lesser efforts thus far.  You can't win 'em all, baby.

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