Saturday, 15 February 2014

Nisekoi - Episode 6

With Kirisaki continuing to grow closer to both Miyamoto and Onodera, some lunchtime discussion (including a packed lunch over and above what any ordinary person would have on Chitoge's part) fills in a surprising blank for her regarding her swimming meet incident and how Ichijou saved her from a fate equal to death.

Much as she loathes the prospect, Kirisaki feels that she really should thank Raku for saving her, and thus seeks him out to say both thank you and sorry for her behaviour at the time.  Unfortunately, she isn't so good at this whole thanking people business, and after a couple of aborted attempts even her best efforts lead to a rather major misunderstanding that leaves her angry and Raku nonplussed.

In the wake of all of this, and given Ruri's doubts about the true extent of her relationship with Ichijou, Chitoge decides to come clean about their false romance to both Miyamoto and Onodera on the proviso that they don't tell another soul about it.  If nothing else, this opens the door for Onodera to finally come out and confess her feelings to Ichijou... assuming she can muster the courage, that is, and her attempt is ultimately thwarted by a stray baseball.  Her hesitation might prove fatal for her relationship on two counts to boot, as Kirisaki starts to remember a promise similar to Raku's that she made as a child, while her bodyguard Claude seems set to take some desperate measures to remove Ichijou from her life.

With another episode gone, Nisekoi continues along its merry path of being predictable at every turn, but no less fun because of it - from misunderstandings to botched confessions, you always know what's going to happen next yet that fact rarely manages to dampen the viewing experience to any notable extend thanks to the show's lovable cast and bright, breezy sensibilities.  Perhaps the shake-up promised by the end of this episode will take the show into more original territory to seal the deal, but I somehow doubt it, and to be honest I'm quite happy for the show to continue down its current unoriginal yet amusing route.

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