Saturday, 8 February 2014

Space Brothers - Episode 93

Mutta has been assigned to a group of misfits as the backup crew for the next lunar mission, with an eye towards being the full crew in the mission after that, but who will captain this selection of oddballs?

For his part Butler seems to know just the man to lead them to the Moon, but can he convince that person to take the job?  It's already been rejected once by the candidate in question, but for now Butler needs to put his mind elsewhere, and Sharon and her delegation of astronomers arrives at NASA to present and submit their revised plans for a lunar telescope.  With Mutta named as an astronaut who'd have a vested interested in working on building the telescope itself, all of the pieces seem to be falling into place for this particular space brother.

So, back to the matter at hand, who is the proposed captain of Mutta and his crewmates?  The answer is none other than the older brother of Brian Jay, Eddie.  However, Eddie isn't exactly a hungry, young astronaut any more - he's a man whose done his time (and then some) on the International Space Station, and with his advancing years in relative terms the Moon seems a step too far for him.  However, has his thirst to step onto the lunar surface his brother once occupied really diminished?  Butler thinks not, and is more than willing to prompt him to rethink his decision.

Although I'm still a little wary as to how the series will handle its misfit astronauts, this was another pretty strong episode of Space Brothers - the prospect of Eddie Jay entering the scene is an interesting one, and his personality does indeed seem pretty well suited as an overseer of a bunch of oddballs.  As I mentioned last week, I have faith in this show's ability to deliver even when it seems to set itself some impossible challenges, and this instalment seems like another example of what could turn out to be some good use of normally frustrating characters.  Only time will tell, of course, but if it plays its cards right this could be another example of the series doing what it does best in terms of character development and interplay.

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