Thursday, 20 February 2014

Kill la Kill - Episode 19

As close as it might have come, Satsuki's attempted coup against her mother has ultimately failed, with the so-called Covers beginning their reign of terror over humanity by literally gobbling them up, while Ragyo has a quite literal heart-to-heart with Ryuko to inform her of her true heritage.

Fast forward a month, and things are in a mess - Covers are roaming across Japan swallowing up all opposition at academies across the country, the Elite Four have defected to work for Nudist Beach against their common enemy and both Satsuki and Matoi are out of commission.  For Ryuko's part she's alive, albeit only just - physically healthy, but in a coma from which she shows no signs of awakening.

Where there's life there's hope however, and Nudist Beach - bolstered by their new allies - continue to take the fight to the Covers, including the development of new weaponry designed to free individuals from the slavery of the parasitic clothes which consumed them.  Of course, things aren't done and dusted for Ragyo either, as she continues to work further towards achieving her grand plan - a plan that will involve Satsuki whether she likes it or not.  As Nudist Beach begin to enjoy some small success in their fight, it takes the awakening of Ryuko to show how it's really done... although it seems that this is hardly the girl that we've known.

Skipping a series forward in time to any degree can often be a risky proposition that can dilute or otherwise derail a series if it isn't handled probably, but once again Kill la Kill seems to be in safe hands, delivering another compelling and pretty fast-moving instalment that continues to move the series in some interesting directions.  This episode so easily could have spent a lot of time dwelling on some of last week's revelations, but instead it ensures that its pace doesn't drop and keeps on trucking in satisfying ways to remain one of the current must-watch shows.

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