Thursday, 13 February 2014

Silver Spoon Season 2 - Episode 6

The culture festival is about to begin at Ooezo Agricultural High School... not that Hachiken is going to be around to enjoy having literally worked until he dropped to prepare for the event.

Needless to say, Hachiken's cohorts are decidedly worried by Hachiken's collapse, but with the festival opening its doors the last thing they want to do is let down the gathering crowds - or Hachiken and all of his hard work - and so the show must go on, aided by a little showmanship from guest star Minamikujou.  The results are enjoyable and impressive in equal measure, with both the equestrian event and Ban'ei racing going down a storm.

Meanwhile, things are entirely less enjoyable for Hachiken, who awakens in hospital to find that his only visitors are his teacher followed by his father, the latter of whom only seems to have turned up to lecture his son yet again on his failings and suggesting that he only attends Ooezo so that he can look down upon its less academically adept students - heck, the heartless bastard can't even admit to enjoying bacon.  By the time he finally arrives back at the school, Hachiken is convinced that he's a worthless nobody who hadn't even been missed - a falsehood that mere words can't correct, but one that a guest book left for visitors to comment upon speaks volumes in dissolving.

Another episode provides another laundry list of reasons as to why this series is so successful at what it does - this week's instalment could so easily have been a precursor to weeks of depression, introspection and darkness on Hachiken's part, but instead the series is quick and to the point in resolving his malaise, culminating in a truly beautiful and tear-jerking yet incredibly simple moment that caught me off-guard and brimming with tears in an instant.  This ability to combine comedy, some human drama and such moments of sweetness ensures that Silver Spoon remains endlessly engaging as it continues to probe, shift and bring its characters closer together, and it rarely ceases to be anything other than wonderful.

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