Thursday, 20 February 2014

Golden Time - Episode 19

Banri's back in town, which means there's little time for him to consider his strange incident involving his "ghost" at the tail end of his trip back home, as he instead finds himself surrounded by his friends.

As Tada and his group of friends head out to lunch, it's a perfect opportunity for Mitsuo to finally reveal his interest in Linda to them, ostensibly to gain a favour from Koko and Banri - an opportunity to film their festival club in action as part of his own film club activities, although this is in fact just a thinly-veiled excuse to see Linda given that she's been avoiding him.  Following this, Mitsuo also quizzes Banri on whether he's hiding anything about his own past history with Linda, although he soon backs away from this line of questioning before Tada even has a chance to spill the beans.

There are no such problems for Banri and Koko, even if the latter's attempt at a romantic evening "climbing the stairway to adulthood" goes pretty badly awry.  With this couple enjoying a solid dose of happiness, our attentions quickly return to Yana and his attempts to woo Linda, as the latter talks with Tada about how and why she feels uncomfortable about the whole thing.  Indeed, Banri finds himself assailed by a prcoession of angry girls, as Linda taking out her frustrations about Mitsuo on him is followed by some angry words from Chinami, who of course has her own agenda when it comes to Yana whether she'd admit it or not.

With "ghost Banri" back in his cage, this was another very enjoyable episode of Golden Time - its cast continue to bounce off one another in a very satisfying way, its comedy is mostly spot on and its emotional content is also easy to empathise with while also showing us some facets of both Linda and Chinami that were perhaps previously hidden.  It's more than enough to make me glad that I persevered with the series during some of its clumsy beginnings, as it continues to be fun to watch, warts and all.

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