Saturday, 15 February 2014

Space Brothers - Episode 94

We're already well aware of how dysfunctional Mutta's new crew mates are, but such is their inability to work together that even simple tasks like waking up on time in the morning, cooking meals and going for a morning run together seems to be impossible.

In light of all this, Mutta decides that it's up to him to take charge of this motley crew - an idea which falls on deaf ears, and is also quickly proven to be redundant as Eddie Jay joins the group as their new captain.  As Mutta ponders, given how groups of delinquent schoolboys are usually given hard taskmasters of teachers to work with, is adding the laid-back Eddie to their number really the answer?

While the powers that be fret over how disjointed the group is, realising that they'll never be sent on a mission in their current state, it's up to Eddie Jay to make a difference - but can he do it?  It seems as if he's going to take bringing the group together one step at a time, beginning with changes to the routine for those aforementioned early morning runs...

It's been a tricky start for this story arc given its decision to fill its roster with a bunch of characters that it's tough to warm to, but at least this week's episode is showing signs that it could do some interesting things with it thanks to Eddie Jay's entrance onto the stage and the challenge he faces to get them working together.  To some extent it's the kind of thing we've seen before from the series, but there's still seemingly enough here to ensure things stay interesting as we immerse ourselves further within this current scenario, so hopefully it won't let us down.

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