Saturday, 15 February 2014

Sakura Trick - Episode 6

It's the eve of the culture festival, and with lots of work still to do on their outfits for the group's production of Snow White, there's nothing for it but to stay at the school overnight to ensure that everything is completed.

This does pose a challenge for two of the girls however - in Yuu's case, the thought of a dark and largely empty school is a little frightening, while for Shizuku it's her first time staying at school overnight.  Although she claims this is because overnight stays before a culture festival weren't allowed at her middle school, the real story is somewhat different, that being her never having friends to stay behind with in the past, whereas now she has the others, and Kotone in particular, to egg her on.  While Shizuku and Kotone discuss this, Yuu and Haruka make the most of their alone time in the classroom which started it all in their usual fashion.

Once the festival is underway, it's time for the girls to take to the stage to perform their dramatic reading - an event which goes off without a hitch.  The same can't be said for the aftermath of the event, as Yuu goes off to check out the food stalls with her sister much to Haruka's dismay, leaving her instead to pass the time with Yuzu and Kaede as we learn a little more about her relationship.  Of course, any falling out between Haruka and Yuu is strictly short-term, and before the day is out they don't so much kiss and make up as they do make up and kiss.

By this point in the series I don't really have anything much fresh to say about Sakura Trick - it continues to deliver gentle, mildly entertaining slice of life with a side-order of girls kissing, which is far less engaging now that it's lost its luster but still does just enough with its moments of sweetness or comedy to keep it moving along reasonably well largely thanks to the strength of its characters and their relationships.

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