Saturday, 1 February 2014

Sakura Trick - Episode 4

After last week's shenanigans, Mitsuki is keen to get to the truth of what her sister Yuu is up to with Haruka, having (quite rightly) not bought the whole "I fell on her" excuse offered up after catching them together in Yuu's room.

To this end, Mitsuki employs the pair's classmates Kaede and Mikan... sorry, Yuzu... to do a little spying before reporting anything out of the ordinary back to her.  Unfortunately for Mitsuki, things seem to be as normal as ever within the classroom when Haruka and Yuu and surrounded by others - well, apart from the bit where Yuu ends up sitting on Kotone's lap, prompting a huge bout of jealousy from Haruka, that is.  This still isn't enough for Mitsuki, as she wants to know more, even if it seems like her real area of interest is more focused upon Haruka than her sister's behaviour.

Perhaps a night out watching fireworks which turns into an unexpected test of courage for the pair will provide Mitsuki with the evidence she seeks however?  Certainly, Haruka has certain designs upon the outcome of just such an event, and ironically it's Mitsuki who assists her by becoming the inadvertent "ghost" of the scenario as she pursues her targets.  Of course, the only way to calm a terrified Yuu is by kissing her...

Although Sakura Trick is still quite enjoyable and charming in its own light-hearted way, it is beginning to feel like a bit of a one-trick pony where all of its elements are simply a lead-in to some kissing, which becomes a little tiresome in the end.  Perhaps this wouldn't be so troublesome if the show had a richer vein of humour to dip into, but at the moment it feels a little stuck in a rut, and perhaps needs to change things up a little to find some fresh subject matter to mine to keep things ticking over.

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