Saturday, 18 May 2013

Space Brothers - Episode 58

Considering how neither Vincent Bold nor Pico had particularly taken a shine to Mutta initially, it's a sure sign of progress that he finds himself invited out drinking by the latter and as a result spending some time chatting with the former.

Bold being Bold of course, the drive to the bar where this pair are scheduled to meet Pico is in itself a challenge for Mutta, as Vincent tries to unnerve his guest with his trademark fast driving (which doesn't seem to faze Mutta at all), while quizzing him on who he considers to be an "enemy".  In Bold's case, it seems that anyone who isn't willing to accept that manned space flight is important is an enemy, which confuses Mutta somewhat as he sees anyone with a genuine interest in space as being on the "right" side.

All this aside, much of the episode concerns itself with looking into the past of Bold and Pico - of course, the two of them are childhood friends, and we delve into their time building rockets together in their youth with another mutual friend.  While this is all well and good, it still isn't seen as a worthy of pursuing as a career path by either Vincent's parents or anyone involved with the group's school, as they are encouraged to set more achievable goals.  Of course, we know how this ultimately pans out, for two of the trio at least...

Just as things were getting interesting, I'm a little down-hearted to see us headed off into another arc that concerns itself with filling in back stories - I can't help but feel that Pico and Bold's presents are more interesting than their pasts beyond some cursory examination of how they reached this stage in their lives, but instead it seems that this is going to be covered over several episodes.  That said, the episode's damning view of the pair's parents and school in their disdain for the two of them having lofty dreams struck a chord with me - I'm sure I'm not the only person out there who was told time and again that I'd never achieve any of my desires or career goals, yet here I am having achieved them all.  The idea of not giving up on a dream is an important message that it's nice to see Space Brothers espousing, if nothing else.

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