Sunday, 12 May 2013

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet - Episode 6

As well as wrestling with the question of what he should do to make himself useful within the community in which he has found himself, it seems that Ledo is also not entirely sure what to do with the fruits of his labours - how is one supposed to spend money when you don't need to pay for oxygen, and where currency amounts to more than just meal tickets?

With a festival about to start, it seems that this is the perfect time to learn a little more about spending money for pleasure - not only that, there's also an opportunity available for Ledo to join the ranks of fishermen aboard the fleet, although it seems that trying to pilot an archaic Yunboro without any AI assistance underwater is a little too much for our protagonist after years of training with top-notch technology.

Leaving it to Chamber to try his hand at catching fish, Ledo instead finds some time to take in the pleasures of his current locale, whether it's the local cuisine or Amy's part-time job as a stripper... well, kind of.  Such are Amy's charms that they're enough to distract Ledo from talk of money, food and the possibility of working with either Bellows or Pinion doing salvage work, and his personal reverie is only interrupted by the appearance of the Hideauze... or rather, the delivery of some octopus to his table.  Whether it's a genuine error or the Hideauze are somehow related to aquatic life on Earth, it's a sense of confusion that kicks in to the full once Ledo begins his work performing undersea salvage with Bellows...

Trying my best to ignore its increasingly over-bearing insistence on injecting fan service into the show wherever it can (Amy has a nice body, I get it already!), this was another hugely enjoyable episode of Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet - it's really very simple in its mechanics of allowing Ledo to roam around this strange culture and try to come to terms with it after a lifetime of vastly different experiences, but somehow it works wonderfully, and watching him grow and mature as a character from week to week provides much of the delight to be had from the series.  Come the end of this week's instalment, we also have an intriguing scenario to propel the next episode forward to; more good news for a series that seems to be hitting a lot of the right notes.

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