Saturday, 25 May 2013

A Certain Scientific Railgun S - Episode 7

Mikoto Misaka is a girl on a mission, and you don't want to mess with this particular Level 5 when she has  task set in her sights.

While Misaka goes on a controlled rampage of each and every facility associated with the Sisters project with a view towards bringing it to a halt, our focus for this particular episode instead shifts to Kuroko as she sees her friend and dorm-mate spending all of her time away "taking care of some stuff" while clearly bothered by something that she feels unable to talk to those around her about.

As Kuroko ponders what to do about this whole situation, her short-term solution is ultimately to throw herself into her work as news builds of fire at laboratories across Academy City.  Whether Kuroko puts two and two together between these incidents and Misaka's behaviour is unclear, as she instead finds herself wrapped in a spin-off of the earlier cash card incidents via a child who is looking for a "lucky" card to give a friend who is about to move away.  With an understanding of what such a close friendship entails, Kuroko ultimately ends up helping said kid in achieving their goal, albeit in a less dangerous fashion than searched dark alleyways for cards.

Although I appreciated the focus upon Kuroko and her emotions in the wake of Misaka's ultimately rather selfish behaviour, that still doesn't mean that this was anything other than rather a fluffy episode that simply kept us away from some of the most interesting material to come a little longer - it's hard to get fired up about searching for a four-leaf clover when Misaka is running riot around the city, and without Mikoto's place within the main cast's dynamic there's something of a gap left in her wake.  Still, I guess that means we can sit back and wait for what should be a stellar episode next week....

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