Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Attack on Titan - Episode 8

Mikasa may have lucked out in the conclusion to the previous episode of Attack on Titan, but is the mysterious giant that is more interested in attacking its fellow Titans thank chowing down on humans the answer to all of the problems currently blighting the forces trying to fight back the latest Titan attack?

Certainly, Armin seems to think so as he sees the potential of this newcomer to the battlefield to be used to fend off the other Titans currently swarming their headquarters, and thus Mikasa leads the charge in terms of luring this particular Aberrant to HQ - and not a moment too soon, as things are starting to get decidedly dangerous for those massed inside the building.

With a decent fighting force now amassed and some old military police rifles at their disposal, the next problem is taking back the storage depot which has a clutch of "small" Titans wandering within it - cue Armin to come up with another ingenious plan to rid the building of these pests and thus allow the remaining forces to resupply at their leisure.  All the while, the area is being kept safe from further Titan incursions by this mysterious Aberrant, but even this powerhouse can only last so long against concerted opposition, and when this Titan finally falls it has an even more shocking secret to reveal...

Yes, those final scenes of this week's Attack on Titan are absolutely batshit crazy, but hey - this is a series about massive humanoid giants running around eating people and appearing in flashes of lightning, so if you've managed to suspend your disbelief that far why not swallow a little more insanity to top it off?  It's this feeling in my mind that somehow manages to keep this series ticking over even though parts of my brain are screaming "this is bonkers and makes no sense!" - well, that and the continually kick-ass soundtrack and sense of satisfaction that comes from seeing this ragtag batch of humans fighting against the odds.  We might be moving closer to a point where I can suspend my disbelief no further, but at the moment there's still enough gas in my canister to keep said disbelief suspended fifty foot in the air.

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