Sunday, 19 May 2013

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai 2 - Episode 7

Now that all the chaos and confusion surrounding Kirino's little boyfriend "stunt" has settled and everything is back on track within our groups of friends, Kuroneko has an important proposal for Kyousuke.  And by that, I mean a confession.

Amazingly, Kyousuke decides that he needs some time to think over the prospect of becoming Ruri's boyfriend (really, what is there to think about here?!), and so goes off to ponder matters with a deadline of giving her his answer by the end of their reconvened post-Comiket party the next day.  Not that there's any shortage of advice for Kyousuke to mull over, as the school rumour-mill seems to work much faster than our protagonist's head, ensuring that everybody is already up to speed with what's going on.

With relations between Kyousuke and Kirino back to normal and the latter all-but giving her blessing for her brother to accept Ruri's confession, the pair finally go ahead and become a couple.  But what do they do now, exactly?  It's that question which ensures a sleepless night for them both, although thankfully while Kyousuke's head is filled with more... well... physical questions about what is to come, his girlfriend has a more practical and romantic view on proceedings which looks likely to set them down the right track.

Although it's still missing some of the magic that seemed to have been worked upon its first season, and while Kyousuke still has moments that feel entirely out of character for him, this was nonetheless another pretty fun episode of Oreimo as the series continues its recent trend of improvement now that it's settled down somewhat.  Now that Kyousuke and Ruri's relationship seems set to take centre stage, hopefully the progression into new pastures will give this second season the injection of life that it needs to strike out and make its own mark.

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