Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Red Data Girl - Episode 6

Never mind the big news of last week's episode, as this sixth episode of Red Data Girl sees us heading off on a trip, with our main pair of characters joining Mayura and Manatsu on a trip to Nagano.

The first port of this call for said trip is the home of the siblings, where they get to meet the rest of the Souda family via a gathering which sees Izumiko taking in entirely too much alcohol-laced punch.  The next thing she knows, a drunken Izumiko is "dreaming" of floating around the Souda house at night and meeting the deceased Masumi in the process - exactly the kind of thing Sagara was worried about his intoxicated charge doing in the first place.

From there, the group moves onwards to their next piece of business, that being a meeting of the student council executive committee.  This is where the real meat of the episode lays, as we come to realise that there are several factions involved in something of a "war" to gain influence and followers around the academy - it's a battle into which Mayura has thrown herself, with a determination to unseat Takayanagi from his position - a determination so bold that she even sees Sagara has a potential rival, leading to her challenging him in the hope of finding out what he's truly capable of.

No matter how much more entertaining alcohol makes Izumiko's character, I have to say that I'm tiring of Red Data Girl as a whole - for all of the potential it flaunts here and there, no aspect of the series has managed to grip me, and this episode largely made up of talking heads and internal academy politics was probably the last thing I needed to try and win me over as the whole thing left me cold.  It still looks pretty enough, but this series is currently proving to be far too self-serious placid to engage me; were it not be for my dogged refusal to give up on shows after this many episodes I'd probably be putting it to one side and never thinking about it again.

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