Thursday, 23 May 2013

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation - Episode 8

The time for arguments and divisions are seemingly over, if only temporarily, as this week's Devil Survivor 2 leaves us with the prospect of a three-pronged Septentrion attack on a trio of cities across Japan.

With three teams dispatched to see off these threats, humanity certainly has individuals capable of seeing off their opponents, but these landmine-like enemies prove to be decidedly tricky foes thanks to their ability to regenerate, meaning that they can only be defeated via a concerted and co-ordinated attack on their three disparate cores simultaneously.  It's a goal which is within the grasp of those tasked with carrying out the attack, but perhaps inevitably it isn't achieved without some further losses....

These deaths are perhaps as of nothing compared to the greater threat about to face mankind, as Alcor reveals more about his nature to Hibiki as a rather unique Septentrion who has a central role in overseeing the trial facing humanity and set up by Polaris, the entity at the true heart of the devastation we've seen so far.  As the true severity of the Void and what its spread means for mankind come to light (or rather, to darkness), it seems that all eyes are on Hibiki and the choices that he has to make with the entire planet's potential disappearance hanging in the balance.

The first half of this eighth episode of Devil Survivor 2 perfectly demonstrates everything that this series has been good at thus far - fast-paced and well-presented action that movies at an engagingly enjoyable clip but without glossing over any of its important moments.  Naturally, this sense of speed drops off in the episode's second half as the episode takes on a more thoughtful tone that doesn't suit its premise quite as well, but still succeeds in raising the stakes for what is to come.  It's just about enough to work around the largely uninteresting cast of characters, provided you can swallow the show's action without caring about those carrying it out too much.

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