Sunday, 19 May 2013

Attack on Titan - Episode 7

Mikasa's performance notwithstanding, things are looking dire for the military forces currently tasked with facing off against the Titans as this week's episode of Attack on Titan opens.

While elements of rebellion within the ranks begin to surface, the more pressing problem for those on the front lines is that, quite simply, they're running out of gas - given that Titans are also currently over-running the supply building that would provide more of said gas, most of those still alive within the breached city walls are resigned to their fate and seemingly without hope.

When word reaches Mikasa about Eren's death, you'd be tempted to suspect that her resolve will also be broken as a result, but far from it - instead, she attempts to rouse her comrades into a final do or die assault before racing off to take her pain out upon any Titans in her way.  Such is her fervour however that she quickly runs out of gas, leaving her at the mercy of the Titans herself.  Cue a moment of clarity as she regains her will to survive, followed by a moment of sheer, exhilarated confusion as a Titan appears and starts systematically attacking and murdering its own.  Perhaps all is not lost for humanity after all...

Every time I worry that Attack on Titan might run out of gas (do you see what I did there?) it somehow manages to find more life - Mikasa's "promotion" to protagonist has worked better than I might have expected, and given the insanity of the show's entire premise throwing in a Titan-killing Titan seems within the realms of plausibility.  This leaves the floor open for another episode of outspoken emotion, shocking violence and bursts of slick action, all given a lift by that striking aesthetic and insistent soundtrack.  No matter your thoughts on it, Attack on Titan is certainly an experience, week in and week out.

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