Saturday, 18 May 2013

A Certain Scientific Railgun S - Episode 6

Having met and spent some time with a member of the so-called "Misaka Network", it was only going to be a matter of time before the real deal was inadvertently dragged into the experiments of which these clones are an integral part.

Thus, having seen her "sister" brutally attacked by the centrepiece of this project to create a Level 6, Misaka understandably loses her cool as she goes all-out against said clone's assailant.  However, this only brings about a scenario which our Level 5 is rather unaccustomed too - one of relative weakness, as even her most powerful and vicious attacks don't so much as scratch her opponent, and indeed most of them are simply deflected right back at her.  "Why would somebody with so much power already search for more?", she wonders aloud, to which the response is a chilling one.

With nothing left in her arsenal, it looks as if the game is up for Misaka - but then again, there are benefits to having thousands of siblings, as the Misaka Network brings the cavalry to rescue her, if only physically.  Mentally, the entire experience has left Mikoto battered, defeated simply unable to comprehend what she should do next, although another meeting with Shinobu at least regains her resolve to fix the problem.  As her friends rally around her in spite of not knowing exactly what's going on, it's time for Misaka to try and put an end to the Hell unfolding around her.

Having brought such harrowing final scenes to close out last week's episode, this instalment of A Certain Scientific Railgun S ensured that it made the most of its emotional payload, leveraging all of the time we've spent with its protagonist and her usual confident, breezy nature to really hit home the emotional toll of the cloning project that originated from her own DNA.  This also leads us nicely into what should be some action-oriented episodes to come alongside that emotional turmoil, as this series continues to do a thoroughly accomplished and entertaining job of adapting its source material.

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