Monday, 6 May 2013

Flowers of Evil - Episode 5

A date with Saeki should be nirvana for Kasuga, but given his current circumstances brought about by Nakamura - that being attending said date while wearing Saeki's gym clothes under his own - it's understandably hard to focus on what should be an enjoyable day.

Still, as time goes by our protagonist seems to be managing to set his worries and discomfort aside, and by the time they reach the book store that Kasuga had promised to show her he's positively brimming within enthusiasm as we finally get to see him in his element for the first time while he waxes lyrical about books and the like, even going as far as to buy a copy of The Flowers of Evil for Saeki.

With things going so well, it isn't too long until Nakamura stops simply trailing the couple and watching them from afar, and pulls Kasuga aside with another demand - that he kiss Saeki before their date is up.  This sends our hapless main character into another tailspin, and when the chance presents itself to try and steal that kiss at the end of the date Kasuga finally decides to ignore Nakamura's demand and instead goes to the opposite extreme, asking Saeki to enter an entirely platonic relationship with him.  This is an idea that Saeki seems keen on, but Nakamura is quick to pour cold water over - quite literally, by dumping a bucket of water over Kasuga's head (cue Nichijou-esque replays from every possible angle).  Knowing what he's wearing under his now-soaked clothes sends Kasuga into a panic as he runs off with nary a goodbye; perhaps this is enough for Nakamura to leave him and Saeki alone though?  Yeah, right...

Thus ends another instalment of gripping, uncomfortable viewing from Flowers of Evil - although it perhaps plays up Kasuga's negative traits a little too much (it's hard to like him or accept Saeki's feelings for him given how irredeemably awkward he is), the weird tension that the series manages to build and hold in place is admirably and gives bite to an already edgy story.  The result is fascinating stuff; a barb-covered car crash of adolescent emotions and sexuality that I simply can't tear myself away from.

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