Sunday, 19 May 2013

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet - Episode 7

Never mind all of that introspective pondering, the Hideauze are back in the forefront of Ledo's life as his training kicks in once he and Chamber detect an enemy within their sights... but is it really the Hideauze?

As far as the inhabitants of Gargantia are concerned, the creature in question is a whalesquid, but even salvaging partner Bellows can do nothing to prevent Ledo from going all out and quite literally crushing the life out of the creature.  The trouble is, the whalesquid is seen as a sacred beast by many within the fleet, which means that Ledo once again is the subject of much suspicion amidst the residents.

If you think this will give Ledo pause for thought, think again - no matter the local opinions on the matter, he's determined to exterminate anything and everything that has anything to do with the Hideauze no matter what, and DNA analysis of the whalesquid only serves to further drive this agenda in the face of everyone else around him.  His concerns even look like they may be justified for a moment as a horde of whalesquids approach the fleet, although they pass by safely with nary a scratch upon its craft.  The whole commotion has, however, awoken the opportunist in some members of the fleet, and let by Pinion this close-knit community could be on the verge of breaking up before our eyes.

All of this makes for an excellent instalment of Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet - as over-the-top as Ledo's reactions towards the whalesquids/Hideauze might be, you can also appreciate the logic and emotions behind his reasoning, while the entire affair also brings up wider questions about whether these creatures simply are passive Hideauze which could rise up and attack at any moment or not.  What's more, there are more fascinating times ahead, as it seems that the fleet itself is now in danger of splitting into factions, which makes for another intriguing facet of the episodes to come.  With so many tantalising possibilities on the table, this series seems to be getting better by the week presently.

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