Thursday, 16 May 2013

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation - Episode 7

Although certain parties still seem to insist that avoiding death after having your "Dead Face" posted online is impossible, there can be no doubt that Yamato was instrumental in saving Hibiki's life at the end of last week's episode.  Not that Yamato did it because they're friends, or anything...

Perhaps more important than Yamato's unexpected late appearance in the fact that the mysterious Alcor also seems to have popped along to enjoy the show, bringing with him some demons that he can chat with and control without having to use a mobile phone.  Just who or what Alcor is remains shrouded in uncertainty, and what he has to say seems to fall largely on deaf ears as news of the next likely Septentrion attack means that it's going to be all hands on deck, with an assault expected on three cities at once.

In light of this, even Ronaldo has to concede some ground for the time being and agree to help out JP's forces along with the rest of his men, as manpower will be all important in the coming battle.  Before all that however, we get a little downtime - or at least as close as the current scenario allows, as those about to engage in this latest skirmish along with the remaining JP's employees have to sit down for a routine medical. With Hibiki and his friends tasked with repelling the next attack aimed at Osaka, we look all set for a return to action next time around, although it seems that Io suddenly has more to concern herself with than everyone else...

Given how breakneck its pacing has been up to this point, I suppose it's about time that we were served up some slower, more light-hearted fare before ramping things up for the remainder of the series - although this leaves us with an episode that had little to write home about, the show as a whole continues to keep a few intriguing concepts in the air, with more than enough uncertainty as to some events and the driving force behind certain characters to make me want to keep watching.  It might not be highbrow or genre-defining, but for a slice of slightly mindless streaming fare Devil Survivor 2 is still doing everything that it needs to ona  weekly basis.

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