Thursday, 9 May 2013

Hataraku Maou-sama! - Episode 6

While Maou is celebrating a very human achievement - that being a promotion to shift manager - things are looking a little less cheerful in Ente Isla, as news of Satan and Emi's existence on Earth reaches the higher-ups who are left in an embarrassing position... having claimed that both of them are dead, do they renege on their announcement or ensure that their original statement comes true?

With that issue floating in the background of this episode, our focus is instead on Maou and Ashiya looking for ways for the former to replenish his now almost entirely depleted magical powers - something which they do with the help of Lucifer, who now calls himself Urushihara, although equipping him with a PC to do so perhaps isn't the best of ideas considering how quickly he's discovered online shopping.

Still, in the hope of regaining this lost power, the main focus of this search is upon reports of mysterious goings-on which might well be somehow connected to Ente Isla, and rather conveniently Urushihara finds just such a mystery close at hand - within Chiho's school in fact, an establishment with the traditional "seven mysteries", one of which is a so-called "forbidden classroom".  Of course, where Maou goes Emi ultimately ends up following, but is this visit really driven by reports of mysterious goings-on, or the needs of Urushihara to play a game?

Once again, Hataraku Maou-sama has managed to turn out something rather delightful, via another fun episode that brought plenty of smiles and a few giggles out of me, and one fit of laughter at a relatively throwaway gag that meant I couldn't breathe for a while.  It's this easy manner that's topped with more serious plot points where required that makes for such great viewing, as it knows exactly how best to make use of its characters and scenario and succeeds in doing so far more often than it fails.  I keep expecting the series to descend into dull nonsense at any point, but somehow Hataraku Maou-sama just keeps on trucking.

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