Friday, 10 May 2013

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation - Episode 6

The race is on to save Hibiki... but does he even need saving?  Either way, things are about to get serious in Nagoya.

After their search and brief sighting of him last time around, Shijima and Nitta don't take too long to catch up to Hibiki, but if they expect for him to agree to go straight back to Tokyo with them they have another thing coming - conflicted though he might be in his allegiances, he has no intention of returning back to JP's at this point in time given what he's seen and experienced previously.

Meanwhile, it isn't only the friends of our protagonist who have found the now-insurgent run Nagoya base, as  Airi and Jungo make a rather less than grand entrance right in the midst of said insurgents.  Before we know it, these two factions are at loggerheads via their demons, although this battle is interrupted soon enough by the inevitable arrival of a Septentrion.  With an aim to disrupt the power, and thus the magical barrier protecting Nagoya, things quickly get decidedly dangerous, and it looks as though Hibiki's friends aren't going to be capable of preventing Hibiki's foretold death.  Enter a surprise appearance from Yamato - not just to save Hibiki, but also to utterly destroy the Septentrion threat before him.  Not that this is enough to cool the hostilities between Yamato and Ronaldo; nor is it sufficient to quell Hibiki's anger towards Hotsuin.

With all of this going on, Devil Survivor 2 rarely looks like letting up its pace - it slows a little here and there, only to catch its own breath and return to its usual breakneck programming soon after.  Although the Persona 4 comparisons become more marked by the week (come on, they're even summoning creatures that we've seen in that game now!), it still lacks the genuine sense of character of that series; nonetheless, even as a poor man's Persona 4 this show remains more than entertaining enough anyway.

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