Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Red Data Girl - Episode 8

After the death of his horse, a distraught Manatsu has disappeared onto another plain to be with his brother, out of the reach of even sister Mayura.  Is there any way to bring him back?

Of course this show would be even more dull if the answer was "no", so there is of course one possibility - to channel the power of the Himegami to reach Manatsu and persuade him to return.  Although Izumiko isn't entirely sure how to go about it, she nonetheless manages to make it to this other plain, where she meets Masumi and is pointed in the direction of her missing friend's location...

...or is she?  As she attempts to reach and rescue Manatsu, it seems that all is not as it seems with this scenario, and Masumi is actually using the situation as a possibility to engineer his escape to the real world, bringing with him the entity of which he is part.  Even though this plan is foiled, it doesn't stop the entity in question from breaking out of its cage; something which can only be halted using the full power of the Himegami.  How fortuitous then that a person able to wield that power has arrived at just the right time.

So, how do I sum up this week's episode of Red Data Girl?  Hmm, I know, how about "packed from start to finish with conveniently sculpted bullshit in an attempt to drive the story arc's plot"?  This entire episode feels horribly written and delivered, with twist after twist and development upon development delivered in a way that screams out "who gives a shit?" - none of it feels satisfying, none of it particularly makes any sense, and the upshot is one of the most terribly forced episodes of anime I've watched in a long, long time.  We're now at the point where I think I'm just watching this series so I can poke fun at it each week - there's certainly little entertainment to be found here beyond that.

In case you haven't guessed from the previous paragraph - this series is becoming increasingly terrible by the week.

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