Saturday, 26 November 2011

Working'!! - Episode 9

She might be good at her job, but it seems like Yachiyo's skills don't stretch to technology as it's revealed that she doesn't even own her own mobile phone - in fact, she's kind of scared of the things.

Of course, this is no good in the modern world of communications and interconnectivity, so it's generally agreed by the rest of the staff that it's time for their chief to join the modern world - thus, Sato is tasked with taking her to the nearby phone store (which seems to have some oddballs of its own) to pick up a device for her.

This week's episode also sees a return for Yohei and Mitsuki, with the former finding himself terrorised, propositioned and stalked by Takanashi's man-eating sister Kozue while the latter worries about the purity of her innocent little Yachiyo to the point of spying on the restaurant's break room to look for anyone who might be a danger to her.  Besides of this, we of course also have a dose of Yamada being... well, Yamada basically as she succeeds admirably in getting on Takanashi's wick.

All of this adds up to another fun episode of Working - Sato gets most of the best lines this week with his deadpan attitude and delivery leading the way, but there's a lot of entertainment value to be had from the cast in general.  It's nothing ground-breaking, as everyone simply goes about doing what they normally do, but the fact that it's almost unceasingly amusing and great to watch is that has stood this series in good stead so far across its two seasons.

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